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Chesham Kids Krav Maga Self Defence Classes - ON HOLD DUE TO COVID

Kids Krav Maga Classes Starting in Chesham on Monday 3rd February

What is Krav Maga?

It is self defence, it is purely interested in you getting home safely. The Kids and Teens classes are age appropriate, they will learn to deal with problems and issues that are relevant to them and their age group.

What will they learn?

Essentially, life skills!! -

We will teach your children: -

  • How to prevent, avoid, deescalate, deter and escape conflict

  • Deal with bullies and bullying

  • How to safely and effectively deal with trips or falls

  • Learning how to protect themselves in difficult situations, such as on the ground or in confined spaces

  • Understanding how to competantly defend themsleves in a short space of time

  • How to use everyday objects for self-defence such as school bags, furniture and their environment

  • Training methods to help improve their ability to make correct split second decisions

  • How to protect themselves against multiple assailants

  • Exercise to assist with mobilty, stamina and determination

  • Conditioning workouts for fat loss and overall well being

  • Gain confidence and self-worth through learning and physical challenges

It will teach them the difference between peer group rough and tumble and violence from an adult / older child, and more importantly, how to react differently in these different circumstances.

Give your child the gift of confidence, the benefits of Krav Maga will carry over to all areas of live. Give them a head start in life. They will learn real world, practical skills to defend themselves and their friends, to be able to handle bullies and stranger danger.

Where and When?

Chesham Kids and Teen Krav Maga

Monday at 4.30pm

Chesham Youth Centre

Old Drill Hall

Bellingdon Road




Reserve your childs place, please contact us for more information - limited spaces

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Kids self defence, Krav Maga in Chesham. Classes starting in February