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Fighting Fit Class starts 8th June in Buckingham

We started our Bicester class in January. It is something that we have been looking to do, to expand more into Oxfordshire, and now we're doing it! Book your place now, limited spaces!

We are looking at adding children's classes shortly. Contact for more details.

Buckingham Women's 4 Week Kickboxing Course starts on the 4th June!!!

We are also starting our Fighting Fit Classes which are fitness classes based on Boxing, Kickboxing and Krav Maga!! Book now to avoid disappointment!

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New Kids Class for 4 to 9 year olds

IWe are starting a new class for 4 to 9-year-olds. The class will be a mix of movement, martial arts, and learning for life! We believe that to give children the best start in life, they need to be challenged, nurtured, and encouraged. While at school they advance their fine motor skills, often the gross motor skills are left behind in this day and age. This is where we come in, we will help your child become a well-rounded, strong, resilient, confident child. Book now to reserve your space!!

After School Clubs

We will be starting an after school club at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury on the 23rd April 2021. If you are a school and are interested in starting an after school club, do let us know as we would be delighted to assist!

Free Women's Self Defence Seminar - Hemel Hempstead was a great success,
more events to follow, please get in touch if you are interested.

At C S Krav Maga we feel that learning self defence is a life skill that everyone should have the right to learn. After our very successful Women Only Self Defence Seminar in December, we are looking to run a seminar for groups on a quarterly basis. To be put on the waiting list, please contact us to be sure of a place.

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An excellent Spring Camp in Scotland, the dedicated warriors spending the weekend learning new skills and honing their existing skills.  And of course socialising and enjoying each others company!

3 days of intensive training, looking forward to next year!!

An excellent location, great dedication and a great bunch of people.

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2021, New Year New You?

Want to do something that has more variety, help you get fit and give you a life skill into the bargain?

Try Krav Maga Self Defence with C S Krav Maga, the only KMG affiliated club in the area. Learn from the source.

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