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New Year, New You!

It's that time again where resolutions are made and broken, sometimes in a very short space of time! Why do people fail with their resolutions? Generally it's too much too soon, if you say you are going to eat only healthy food and go to the gym every day, it's such a change at some point you will not feel like it, or be short of time or just not enjoying it. If you're not enjoying it, you will most probably stop. Once you lose that momentum, it's very difficult to get it again. When is the best time to start a new activity? Like a lot of things, there is never a great time, there will always be something getting in your way, but it's about having a go, do you like it, do you not, it's down to you and your preferences. Different people do things for different reasons. For example, members of the club have different reasons for doing Krav Maga with C S Krav Maga. Some want to learn self defence, some want to get fit, to find a social activity, to gain confidence. Some don't actually want to do it, but do it anyway because they know it is a valuable life skill and they are pushed to do it for a personal reason. There is no right or wrong reason for doing these things, it's personal to people. I love January because I get to meet so many new people.who want to have a go at Krav Maga. Some are fleeting some stay for longer, and many are still with the club. I love to understand what people are trying to achieve, people want different things from it, some have no idea why, they just want to have a go at something new!

If you want to learn Krav Maga Self Defence in Aylesbury, Buckingham or Hemel Hempstead, come down and have a go! You might like it, you might want to carry on, you might not, but you would have at least tried. I look forward to see you at a lesson soon!

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