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Tis The Season to be Merry (and Safe)

It's that time of year that brings people together, people go out more, drink and eat and partake in general merryness. It's also a time that people forget about being safe as the Festive Spirit enters into the fray.

It's not to say people should not enjoy themselves, but to be mindful about what they are doing. By all means enjoy yourself, but make sure you are within your limits on everything you do.

If you don't drink normally, it is tempting to go wild, it's great fun when you are in the moment, but not so much if things go wrong. It's not about being a killjoy, but about being aware and appropriate. Lives can change from a seemingly innocent action.

There are many dangers this time of year, as indeed, all times of year. People go out more, have drink, make some slightly dubious life choices and things happen. Too much drink can lead to arguments, violence, and also some good times! Alcohol changes peoples behaviour, makes them less inhibited et voila, poor life choices are made. Alcohol makes people brave, reckless and potentially, due to less inhibitions, irrational choices. It's not a case of don't drink, but take care, understand what you are getting into, pause and think for a minute what you are doing, and if you wouldn't normally do something, think twice. It doesn't take much to look out for each other, it's much better to have good times with others, rather than on your own.

It's not all about the parties though. Danger can come in other forms. People buy expensive gifts they need to be transported, stored. People go away to see friends and families and leave the home unattended. It's about awareness and taking reasonable precautions. It's not a time to throw caution to the wind, but a time to be thinking about yourself and others. The best way to take care of the ones you love, is by taking care of yourself. This comes into more focus after the excess of Christmas and the New Year.

Classes will be back in January, I'm sure full of people who have had a great holiday period, and are now ready to smash their goals for 2020! If you are interested in having a go, either for Adults or Children, contact for more information. It does not matter age, physical capabilities or gender, it's about the willingness to take part, to have a go, to chalenge yourself. Growth does not come from being in your comfort zone!!

Have a safe and great Christmas and New Year, and I'll see you on the otherside!

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