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Women's Self Defence Course Aylesbury

Aylesbury Starts October 30th

Starts at 14:00 each Saturday from the 30th October.

The Aylesbury Women's Self Defence Course, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Starts Saturday 30th October 2:00pm

A Womens only self defence course, using Krav Maga, the World renown close quarters combat system of the Israeli Defence Force. The only aim is to get you and your loved ones home safely. Krav Maga is considered to be the best self defence system, used by civilians, law enforcement and military units all over the world.

C S Krav Maga have been instructing in Herts, Bucks and Oxfordshire for over 6 years and are part of Krav Maga Global, teaching only genuine Krav Maga.


It is suitable for any fitness level, 16 years and over. 

We will cover:-

  • Reasonable Force and the law

  • Staying safe / personal safety 

  • Social vs Asocial violence

  • Awareness, avoidance, deescalation getting to safety 

  • Striking (punches, kicks etc)

  • Basic defences 

  • Managing distance 

  • Pre, during and post situation behaviour 

  • Grabs, chokes, pulls etc (being dragged / carried away, taken to secondary location etc). 

  • Knife threats and attacks

  • Situations on the ground



The course costs £80.

There are limited FREE spaces for the 1st session - try before you buy! Contact for more details or register on this page


No equipment is needed, but boxing gloves would be a good option if you have some. 




Spaces are limited, spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis .


Women's Self Defence Course Aylesbury

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