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Beginners Self Defence Course Aylesbury

Course Starts 5th July at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School at 8:30pm


Overview of Course

The C S Krav Maga Self-defence Foundation Course is designed for absolute beginners who are looking to get an introduction into Krav Maga and learn Self-defence with other like-minded people. If you have always wanted to learn some self defence, exercise or to just try something out, then this course is for you!

On the course, we will teach you the fundamentals of self defence, the how and why of self defence and why C S Krav Maga is your best option to learn a life skill! We will teach you how to avoid, prevent, de-escalate, move, create space, escape and evade physical situations and if necessary how to defend yourself against several common attacks.

You will also learn key elements of UK law in relation to self-defence, make friends and have fun too. 

We will prepare you for potential situations you may face. We will assist you with replicating the stresses of a real attack without compromising your safety, so you can be as prepared as possible for different situations. The course will also improve your fitness, coordination, situational awareness, and reduce stress. You will also improve your overall sense of wellbeing and confidence.

This course can be an introduction and getting the basics ready to learn more in the regular classes or as a stand alone course to learn the basics and prepare for an important life event (gap year, off to university, leaving home for the first time etc.)



The course is reasonably priced at just £59 for the 4 -week course (£49 early bird tickets available until10 days before the course starts or for the first 10 students, whichever comes first).

Each receive a free pair of boxing gloves worth £30 to keep.

In addition to the fees, it is advisable for students to have their own basic safety kit (a groin guard and gum shield are minimum). The course will not be aggressive or violent in any way but safety must come first.

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